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The Chartreuse

The Chartreuse can be exclusively reserved in its totality on Saturdays. You can separately hire the Cellars or the ground floor rooms during the week and on Sundays. A list of material is included in the hire terms (see below).
As the Chartreuse is a private property, you can take advantage of being able to remain at the charterhouse until 6am.


Customer can choose a caterer for meals and service. We look after all aspects concerning seminars: room preparations, catering, Team Building activities, entertainment, music, decorations and accommodation
A list of our approved partners who are exclusively authorized to work with us will be provided along with a list of caterers.


The Chartreuse de Pomier is ideally situated between Annecy and Geneva with its international airport. There are three private car parks with a capacity of 70 places. You can come to the Chartreuse by car or any other form of transport that you wish: helicopter, coach, limousine, MPV, horse-drawn carriage. We can organize transport for you or put you in touch with our partners. Providing a coach service for your guests or colleagues will give them more freedom and security


Floral Decorations

Please consult us for your floral decorations which we will adapt according to the theme of the event and choose the colours according to your needs.
Make sure that your event is remembered as a special moment by your guests and colleagues.

Team Building - Coaching - Training

We will be pleased to organize your seminars and we are in a position to offer a wide range of indoor activities or outdoor activities in our magnificent park.
Team building – Speaking in public – Stress management – Improving creativity – Developing self confidence – Improving presentations – Merge management – Conflict management – Project launching – Change management – Sales force improvement.

Hotel - Accommodation

We are partners with several hotels providing accommodation and all within a few minutes distance of the Chartreuse.
For your seminars we can take care of selecting the most appropriate accommodation for you as well as organizing transport to and from your hotel.
We can provide you with a list of hotels, guest houses and holiday cottages.

Indoor Animation

Add a touch of comfort and cheer to your seminar with a wine themed casino, a wine tasting session, a Murder Party, a Buzzer Quiz, a giant game of Snakes and Ladders, a Magician, Caricatures, Fancy Dress, Formula 1, Karaoke…

Outdoor Animations

Unite your team by participating in an orientation trail, a Via Ferrata, a hike on the Salève mountain, a mountain bike race, a rally, paragliding, yoga, hot air ballooning, a four-wheel drive downhill race or a team challenge.


We can organize different activities, offer services or provide you with the contact details of our partners :
Photographer - DJ – Orchestra – Firework display – Cocktail Master – Drone Film - Concert - Photobooth.

Organization, arrangements and decorations

We work in collaboration with a wide range of partners in order to ensure that your event is very special and unforgettable :
Illuminated lounge furniture – lighting systems – marquees – stages – security guards – additional tables and chairs – table linen.


The following material and services are included in the Chartreuse hire charges :
- Three private car parks with a capacity of 70 places
- Chairs and covers (200).
-1.5m diameter round tables for 8 or 9 people (qty.20).
-1.50m x 0.75m rectangular tables (qty.20).
-1 oval table for 12 persons (possibility of adding an extension – requires two round tables - for up to 16 persons)
- Renaissance Lounges :sound system - video - 2 microphones (1 VHF, 1 cable) - screen.
- Medieval Cellars: sound system - video - 1 screen - DVD player – 2 microphones (1VHF, 1 cable).
- The Cellars are fitted with XLR and SPEAKON connectors for connecting hi-fi systems, speakers and microphones.
- Catering facilities for preparing meals
- Toilets and cloakrooms.

Additional Hire Equipment

- Candelabrums, flower arrangements
- Battery powered mobile sound system, additional speaker, CD player and two wireless microphones.
- Maps with directions to the Chartreuse.
- Table menus.
- Guest place names.
- Chartreuse key rings.
- Miniature bottle of Extra Old Chartreuse liquor.
-1 litre bottle of Extra Old Chartreuse Jaune liquor
- A3 Chartreuse print
- Chartreuse print postcard.

Le Transport

La Chartreuse de Pomier se trouve idéalement située entre Annecy et Genève, à 20 minutes de Genève et à proximité de l'aéroport de Genève.  Trois parkings privés sont mis à votre disposition soit 70 places de parc. Venez en voiture ou tout autre transport hélicoptère, bus, limousine, monospace, calèche que nous pourrons organiser pour vous ou encore vous mettre en lien avec nos partenaires. Mettez à disposition de vos convives et collaborateurs un service de bus pour plus de liberté et de sécurité.



Si vous avez plus de 190 invités vous avez la possibilité de mettre un chapiteau, nous vous mettrons en contact avec le prestataire, supplément à prévoir sur la location.

Tariffs and Reservations

Please contact us to obtain a quote. Tariffs vary according to the season, the chosen layout configuration, provided services and the number of guests.
Please contact us to make an initial verbal reservation concerning the hire date. Once the date has been determined, a contract will be sent to you for signature and must be returned to make the reservation definitive. The signed contract must be accompanied by a down payment corresponding to a sum equal to 40% of the total hire cost and guarantee.
A repayment schedule is indicated in the event of a cancellation. A contract which precisely indicates the services which are to be provided by the caterer as determined with the client is included with the contract.
Mentions légales
La Chartreuse de Pomier, 27 Allée des Chartreux - Pomier, 74160 Présilly, France
Tél. : +33 (0)4 50 04 50 53